Industrial Pole/Light Package

  • Industrial Light Pole w/Light

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    Our Industrial Pole/Light Combo with multiple options, gives you the opportunity to light up as little or as much as you need for your job site.  Poles come in 30" and extends to 60" and also our 48" extends to 96" to fit all Box Truck applications, Multiple light options  M22 single 2x2 pod with 3000 Lumen, M44 single 4x4 pod with 9000 Lumen, or our M44 Dual 4x4 set up which will give you 18000 Lumen.  All our Combos come fully assembled  just need wired to your truck.
  • Pole/Light Package

    This high performance LED Matrix pod is part of the Tactical Amp Series that offer a wide variety of LED and Optical configuration options to meet your lighting needs. The LED driver uses best in class LT solutions and the most efficient Cree LED components on the market.